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Montara Beach, CA, Andrew D. Barron©1/26/09
My approach to photography began as documentary. Later, it became a meditation on beauty. My personality couldn”t make it too long as ‘pure artist’ and I got into technical aspects and older technology. These days I shoot when I can, usually inspired by a new place with interesting light. Starting with my adventures to Kentucky in the fall of 2007, I wrote blogs and posted photographs. For a few years (2009-2012), I thought of myself as a photographer and these were interesting times. They were chronicled at, but I recently took that down. There was a lot to sift through, and lately I have been trying to figure out a way to compile the info into a book. Some entries I noted were these:
Why Ask Why? 12.22.2010, Black and White retrospect 01.15.2011, Double Shifts 12.13.2011, and Bottomless 04.14.2012

Along the way, I got a better digital camera. Then I learned manual photography, got a Leica, a Hasselblad, many old Polaroid cameras, and began to shoot a lot of film.

By 2012, I returned to GIS work in Reno. In the fall, I was tour touring again, playing electric bass. Eventually, I found myself camped out on a friend’s futon in Philadelphia, without a band, a plan or a way home. That is when I started a different blog; one that would help me sort out later what all had happened. This blog is comprised of square photos shot nearly exclusively with my phone.
Here, I also removed the entries prior to 2019
Photography is dear to me, but it also was something I did to simply to pass time creatively. A Townes Van Zandt comes to mind:
“We’ve all got holes to fill.
Them holes are all that’s real.
Some fall on you like a storm, sometimes you dig your own.”

To Live Is To Fly

I could see that the further I got into old cameras and such, while interesting, it was not universal. I always struggle with too much time spent on the computer, and ironically, the film photograph took a lot more work. The results were definitely worth it, but I can’t really keep up with myself shooting that way. I would like to get back to my older style with just a good quality dedicated camera.
Maurine's Chair, Andrew D. Barron©12/05/09