geologist  ·  musician  ·  photographer

I play music: mostly bluegrass, and usually behind a feisty little F-style mandolin. I am from a musical family with roots in Morgan County, Kentucky. My tastes veered into bluegrass, eventually crashing deeply into Monroe-style mandolin when I began to learn it in 2003.
Curry County, OR, Andrew D. Barron©2/03/10
Since 2005, I’ve spent a lot of time on the road. Traveling to play music, to take pictures, learn a thing or two, or even just to spend time in places my heroes were from, I find our country fascinating and beautiful. I returned to the bay area in 2014 to get my footing as a geologist once more, having been away from here since 2002.

Traveling has made it hard to answer the simplest question, usually asked at bluegrass festivals: “Where are you from?” I’m from northern california, but have called many places home: northern Nevada, southern Oregon, middle Tennessee, western Kentucky. For a while, much like Jimmy Rodger’s brakeman, “any old place I hang my hat, is home sweet home to me.”
There is some stuff out there on Youtube:
The Highway Kind 05.25.2010
I Believe In You Darlin’ 01.11.2015